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Will my insurance company reimburse my online cash purchase?

Yes, in most cases. However, reimbursement is an agreement between you and your insurance company. If you are planning on attempting to collect reimbursement, be sure to check with your insurance company first! 

CPAP-Accessories.com is a cash based, high volume, direct to patient business model. We avoid dealing directly with insurance companies and pass the resulting savings to our customers.

However, we do provide our customers with  applicable insurance billing code(s) for each item purchased.

If you are interested in placing an order and would like your insurance claim to be submitted for you, please call us at 1-888-456-5571.  Your claim will be processed through an affiliate company.  We will need a copy of your insurance card (front and back), prescription with cpap pressure and physician signature on it and your sleep study.  Fax number 1-877-448-5827.  They have an agreement with your insurance company so they have to charge your insurance company the very same rate your local provider would charge them. 

Are you a Medicare/Medicaid provider? 

We do not accept Medicare/Medicaid.

How often do I use my CPAP unit?

CPAP is a treatment for OSA, it is not a cure. You will need to use your CPAP unit every time you sleep (preferably for at least 5 hours) to prevent the symptoms of OSA such as excessive daytime sleepiness. It is important that treatment is as comfortable as possible.

How does heated humifity work?

Heated humidity works by increasing the amount of water vapor in the air, at the same time as increasing the temperature of the air. This happens as the water in the chamber is heated, consequently heating the air that passes over it. As a result, water vapor is added to the air and delivered to the CPAP user.

Regular cleaning of all equipment is vital to ensure its longevity. Follow the cleaning instructions given in the applicable equipment manual.

How often do I clean my mask, humidifier and tube?

Below is a brief summary of recommended cleaning of your equipment at home.

  • TUBING: Every day your tube should be rinsed with warm soapy water and then left to dry.
  • WATER CHAMBER: Should be rinsed daily with warm soapy water then rinsed with clean water. Weekly, the chamber should be cleaned more thoroughly with 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water. The chamber should be left to stand with this solution before rinsing with distilled water.
  • MASKS: The mask should be cleaned daily. For Fisher & Paykel Healthcare nasal masks, the headgear, Silicone Seal and grey foam cushion should be removed from the mask frame. The foam cushion should be wiped with a cloth (it is important not to immerse this in water as it will deteriorate and reduce the life of the cushion). The mask frame and the Silicone Seal should be washed with warm soapy water. Once rinsed, leave to dry before reassembling. The headgear should be washed weekly with warm water and a mild detergent. or the Oracle, cleaning should be undertaken daily with warm soapy water for all parts. The mask should be left to dry before it is reassembled and used. The Soft Seal of the mask (the part that sits inside the mouth) can be rinsed in an antibacterial/antiseptic mouthwash (e.g Listerine), this will give the Soft Seal a more thorough clean and at the same time leave it tasting pleasant.

How often do I change my filters?

The filter in the machine and in some masks needs to be changed when they become significantly discoloured. Depending on conditions this may vary from 4 weeks to 3 months. The machine filters need to be replaced at least once every three months or after 1000 hours machine running time. The filters get dirty as the air we are breathing in is not 100% clean. So when the air is drawn in the back of the machine through the filter, the filter traps all dirt particles so you do not breathe them in, thus discolouring the filter.

It is important not to clean these filters as they will no longer function correctly. When they become discoloured replace them, do not clean and reuse them.

What if you don't have a product I'm looking for?

Let us know. We'll try to get the product you're looking for, even if it is made by a manufacturer not currently listed on our site. 

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